CholestBlend 90 capsules (Vitanica)

CholestBlend 90 capsules (Vitanica)
Item# cholestblend-vitanica

Product Description

90 vegetarian capsules

Cholestblend™ optimizes specific plant sterols, plants and vitamins in a premium blend designed to promote natural metabolism of cholesterol.*

This formulation features the results of the latest research to enhance cholesterol health naturally. Policosanol, a plant sterol has emerged as our most reliable natural substance in improving all aspects of cholesterol profiles, by interfering with the absorption of cholesterol. Vitamin C, garlic, gugulipid and artichoke also reduce total cholesterol, while policosanol, gugulipid, artichoke, garlic and pantethine help reduce LDL. Raising HDL modestly can be seen with policosanol and vitamin C. Lowering triglycerides can be seen with policosanol and guggulipid.

Each vegetarian suitable capsule includes: Vit. C (as calcium ascorbate, buffered), Pantethine, Policosanol, Artichoke extract (5% cyarin), Guggulipid extract (2.5% Z & E guggulsterones), Garlic (10,000 ppm allicin)

Suggested Use: One (1) capsule three times per day.

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