99K Potassium (Professional Formulas)
Adrenal B Complex 90 caps (Mountain Peak Nutritionals)
Adrenal Cortex Drops 2 fl. oz. (Professional Complementary Health Formulas)
Adrenal Support
AlliUltra 360 mg 30 caps
Berberine 60 veg caps (Integrative Therapeutics)
Bone and Joint Health/Osteoporosis
C-1000 (Karuna)
Candidastat 120 caps (Vitanica)
CholestBlend 90 capsules (Vitanica)
Cortisol Manager 30 tabs (Integrative Therapeutics, Inc.)
Cortisol Manager 90 tabs (Integrative Therapeutics, Inc.)
Curcumin (Priority One)
DHEA 10mg 100 caps (Douglas Laboratories)
DHEA 50mg 100 caps (Douglas Laboratories)
Diabetes Support
Digestive Formula 90 caps (Mountain Peak Nutritionals)
Digestive Health
Enterogenic Intensive 100 30caps (Integrative Theraeutics)
Eskimo-3 105 softgels (Integrative Therapeutics)
Flavored Stevia 2 oz. (SweetLeaf)
Glutamine Forte (Integrative Therapeutics)
Glycemic Formula 90 caps (Mountain Peak Nutritionals)
Heart Health/Blood Pressure
Hi-Po Emulsi-D3 1 fl. oz (Designs for Health)
Hormone Balancing
Hormone Testing
Humacel® Immune Support 60 caps (Perfect Solutions)
i-Throid 90 caps (RLC Labs)
Imagine: A Whole Different Kind of Medical Care
Imagine: A Whole Different Kind of Medical Care Paperback Edition
Imagine: a whole Different Kind of Medical Care PDF Version
Immune Support
Individual Vitamins/Minerals
Kidney Bladder 100 caps (Nature's Way)
l-Theanine 60 caps (Pure Encapsulations)
Laxative Formula (Integrative Therapeutics)
Lipotropic Complex 90 caps (Integrative Therapeutics, Inc.)
Liquid Calcium Magnesium Berry (Integrative Therapeutics, Inc.)
Magnesium Citrate 90 caps (Klaire Labs)
Muscle Health
Natural Pain Relief/Anti inflammatory
Natural Sedatives/Sleep Aids
Natural Sweeteners
Osteo Formula 180 caps (Mountain Peak Nutritionals)
Osteo Formula 90 caps (Mountain Peak Nutritionals)
Probiotic 50B / Soy & Dairy Free 60c
Probiotic Pearls Advantage (Integrative Therapeutics, Inc.)
Progest-Avail 1 oz (Designs for Health)
Progesterone Pure (Karuna)
Prostate Health 120 capsules (Priority One)
Seasonal Clear 90 caps (Priority One)
SteviaClear 2 oz. (SweetLeaf)
SteviaClear 4 oz. (SweetLeaf)
Theracurmin™ HP Triple Strength (Integrative Therapeutics)
Thyroid Support
Tranquility Formula (Mountain Peak Nutritionals)
Ultra High 180 capsules (Mountain Peak Nutritionals)
Urinary Health
V Clear EPs 7630™ Original Formula (Integrative Therapeutics)
Viral Immune 60 caps (Mountain Peak Nutritionals)
Vitamin D3 1000 i.u. 60c (PURE Encapsulations)
Vitamin D3 5000 i.u. 60c (PURE Encapsulations)
Whole Body Integrative Cleansing System (Integrative Therapeutics)
Women's Formula w/o Iron 240 capsules (Priority One)
ZRT Saliva Test – Female/Male Saliva Profile I
ZRT Saliva Test – Female/Male Saliva Profile III
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