Niacinate 90 tabs (Douglas Laboratories)

Niacinate 90 tabs (Douglas Laboratories)
Item# ni90tadla

Product Description

90 tablets

A "no-flush" niacin source. Niacinate provides inositol hexaniacinate, a safe and effective alternative to conventional niacin preparations. This compound, formed from niacin and inositol, a member of the B-vitamin family, eliminates the uncomfortable skin-flushing and itching side effect of high-dose niacin. Studies show this compound supports the metabolism of fat and cholesterol as well as regular niacin.

Content: Niacin (as inositol hexaniacinate) 540 mg. Inositol (from inositol hexaniacinate) 54 mg.

Suggested Usage: 1 to 3 tablets daily with meals.

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